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Ahearne, Caroline

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No man was ever yet a great poet, without being at the same time a great philosopher.

Topic: Poetry, Poets
Poetry is certainly something more than good sense, but it must be good sense at all events; just as a palace is more than a house, but it must be a house, at least.

Topic: Poetry, Poets
Poetry is not the proper antithesis to prose, but to science. Poetry is opposed to science, and prose to metre.

Topic: Poetry, Poets
Reviewers are usually people who would have been poets, historians, biographers, etc., if they could; they have tried their talents at one or at the other, and have failed; therefore they turn critics.

Topic: Critics
Summer has set in with its usual severity.

Topic: Weather
The faults of great authors are generally excellences carried to excess.

Topic: Writers
The manís desire is for the woman; but the womanís desire is rarely other than for the desire of the man.

Topic: Desire

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